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Wheels for Quad Rollerskates come in a variety of hardness, known as Durometer, and in different sizes, the diameter or height can vary from 55mm up to 70mm, they can also vary in width.

Widest size is know as Full width approx 44mm, mid  is around 38mm and slim or skinny tends to be around 31mm

Softer and larger is better for outdoor skating for example 78a is usually the softest a wheel can be, and 78a to 85a is the usual outdoor wheel hardness. some wheels are design for skate parks, these tend to be harder 92a and upwards to 101a and even 103a is some cases. 

Artistic , Dance and Jam skating also prefer smaller harder wheels

Smaller wheels allow for greater response and agility, meaning speeding up or slowing down is easier and faster, as well as change of direction, and are generally used by more advanced skaters.

Big wheels offer more stability and a smoother roll, good for outdoors or beginners.

They can come in packs of 4 or 8, please be sure to double check when ordering, you need 8 wheels for your quad skates,


full set = 8 wheels

durometer = hardness ( "a" scale)

Width = Full width, mid or medium, and slim or skinny

core is the centre or hub of the wheel, and the tyre is the outer part of the wheel