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Tex-Style Hockey Laces 108" / 274cm


Tex-Style Hockey Laces 108" / 274cm

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TexStyle® brand hockey skate laces have moulded tips and available with an optional waxed finish.

Length: 108" / 274cm

All TexStyle® hockey skate laces are made from a blend of high tenacity polyester yarns and offer an exceptionally soft feel and a high tensile strength. They are colourfast, mildew resistant, and 100% Canadian made in our Toronto factory.

TexStyle® hockey skate laces are widely used in the NHL, the KHL, and in amateur leagues as well as on backyard rinks and ponds.

Why choose waxed?

By lacing up with TexStyle® waxed hockey skate laces, you are able to customize the fit and feel of your skate boot. Since TexStyle® waxed laces friction grip your skate boot eyelets, tension can be adjusted (starting at the toe) one pair of eyelets at a time. As you proceed to lace up eyelet sets toward the ankle, the tension established in the lower sets of eyelets will remain as you originally set it. This means that if you prefer a looser fit near the toe – but a tighter fit up around the ankle – you need only to lace up loosely the first few sets of eyelets before lacing up more tightly as you approach the top set. TexStyle® waxed laces will hold the tension that you introduced at the toe no matter how hard you pull on the laces as they approach the ankle.

Unlike other brands of waxed hockey skate laces, our proprietary wax formula and ‘double wax’ process ensures that the right amount of the right kind of wax penetrates each hockey lace so that there is; no flaking of wax, no slippage between the eyelets, no wiry feel, and no shredding of hands as you lace up.

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