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About Us

5th Blocker is Owned and operated by Shona Marshall , a retired Derby skater from Glasgow Roller Derby.

Skated Derby from 2010 to 2018, played in the Irn Bruisers and played at first 2 Roller Derby World Cups for Scotland in Toronto and Dallas, and played in many tournaments all over Europe, UK and the US.

The shop opened on November 19th 2011 because there was no Roller Derby shops in the UK and skaters had to order from the States making things difficult to get the sizing right and expensive to change so we tried to fix that!

We have grown every year to stock more products and give you fitting advice.

In 2020 the shop was due to move premises as the old shop is to be demolished and turned into accommodation. But the Corona Virus added complications to this. The shop relocated to the Savoy Centre at the end of March where it was only operating as an online only shop till we re-opened to the public on the 13th July 2020. 

The shop is still a Roller Derby Shop but has adapted to include more Ramp and Park skating as well as Artistic and Leisure skates but all still in the Quad format. We look forward to a time when we can all skate together with out the restriction of the Corona Virus, keep on rolling... xxx